[OSM-talk] No new information on the SOTM since January 2014

Gonzalo Gabriel Pérez zalitoar at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 16:32:56 UTC 2014

Hello everyone.

I've read previous messages of this thread and as coordinator of the local
organizing committee i can understand your concern about SotM status.

This is the first event that we organize as a community in Argentina,
because previous meetings have taken place in more informal context. In
South America we don't have the same number of communities and members that
exist today in Europe or in the United States, we still much to do, learn
and grow and we're convinced that the realization of an event like State of
the Map will be one of the first steps to build a community through the
common work.

Because the above, is reasonable to expect that the effort is greater
because it not only involves the organization of a conference, but also
require to build a working group on the basis of a community that never
worked for an aim like that until today.

We've been talking with Henk about doing the conference here since last
year, even before Birmingham was announced as host, but we understood that
it was necessary to prepare well for this purpose, with more time than it
would take elsewhere. IIn fact, most of those that are members of the local
organizing committee joined when Buenos Aires was announced as the next
For our luck, Henk has fully cooperated with us from the begining so we are

Currently our committee consists of 18 people, and we are doing our best to
make a conference that include all the necessary with a minimal budget,
because our aim is to contribute to the objectives of the Foundation even

We've not yet announced prices, location and other details because since
last year Buenos Aires has many scheduled activities which makes it
difficult to achieve the necessary with a minimum cost or even free.

At the moment we have the logo, which has already been uploaded to the
SotM's official twitter account and currently we're working on the website

I know that some of you have organized previous SOTM so your experience may
be very useful. We are open to all contributions, suggestions and inquiries
you may have.

Hoping to have cleared some of their concerns, I greet you.
See you soon,

Gonzalo G. Perez
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