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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Apr 16 12:23:47 UTC 2014


   thank you Richard Weait for writing down what we at DWG would say
about this. I think you guessed it pretty good.

There are a number of angles in this.

First, we welcome new people from around the globe, and especially those
who are at home in a national community where we don't yet have  any
speakers of that language in DWG. DWG is not a self-signup working group
(probably the only of that kind in OSM), and we require that  people
apply to us for DWG membership. We will then usually ask them a few
questions to determine whether they are a reasonably experienced member
of OSM and if they have understood what the job is about, and then take
them on board expecting that they'll look and learn for a while before
slowly taking cases by themselves.

Just as Richard said, language, timezone, and familiarity with the local
situation will often make one DWG member the automatic go-to person, but
we don't want to have an exclusive relationship (all country X cases go
to person Y, and person Y only takes country X cases).

There's also something that hasn't been brought up in this thread,
namely that it is not impossible for a DWG member from a certain country
to be biased in a certain discussion, maybe because they had previous
mailing list fights with a complainant or so. It has indeed happened in
the past that a case in country X was not handled by the DWG member from
that country, but by another DWG member, just so that  there was someone
impartial dealing with the situation.

We're not in favour of full-blown "local DWGs" for now, but of course it
is tremendously useful if there are local groups dealing with local
problems, and escalating stuff to DWG only if they can't solve  something.

Maning, if you want to join DWG then we welcome your application at
data at osmfoundation.org.

for the OSMF DWG

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