[OSM-talk] OSM-Tagging in Wikidata

Kolossos tim at alder-digital.de
Sun Dec 28 22:33:14 UTC 2014

I work the last weeks to bring the OSM-tagging to
Wikidata, by using:

I work through the "Map features"-site from top to down.
(It was a funny job to find right Wikipedia-articles.)
Not in all cases it was possible to find a right matching.

The main use-case I see in translations of our tagging system in smaller
languages. This can be interesting for tools like ID-editor or for the
search in the OSM-Wiki. Wikidata can also be a hub to connect to other

At the end I hope also this connection can help to give OSM objects an
Wikipedia/Wikidata-Tag. So I hope we can check a tagging with the "is
instance of"-property in Wikidata.

Taginfo already support this 626 connections:

Greetings Tim alias Kolossos

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