[OSM-talk] OsmAnd audio files and JOSM

Lambert Carsten osm at lhcarsten.org
Wed Feb 5 15:33:21 UTC 2014

> Photos taken on the same track have correct date/time and display 
> correctly in JOSM.

Really? I couldn't get this to work reliably and posted a question about
this November last year:

In my case it didn't work because the photo's themselves did not
always get geotagged. The correct location however is recorded in the
track as a waypoint as you stated earlier. My camera settings are set
to geotag pictures but I suspect this doesn't always work when I flip
out my phone without already having a gps fix. My guess is that
OsmAnd won't record the waypoint until the fix is there, whilst the
picture might have already been taken before the fix.

So the fact that your pictures show up correctly in JOSM is maybe just
because your pictures ARE all correctly geotagged by your camera and has
nothing to do with OsmAnds waypoints.

The waypoints in OsmAnds track refer to the picture, audio or video by
(file)name. And my understanding is (was?, I haven't checked recently)
that JOSM will not use that info to place OsmAnds notes in the correct
location. Of course things change and could be different for the
different kind of notes. Is it possible to geotag audio files?

Kind regards,

Lambert Carsten

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