[OSM-talk] [HOT] [OSM-NI] Resume the Night of the living maps

Óscar Zorrilla Alonso oscar_zorrilla at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 5 23:42:49 UTC 2014

Hi Community,

I agree that the day 22 of February could be a great day to resume the event.

In Spain we have an activity in Cordoba that weekend, probably we'll try to organized more activities.

Ideas for mapping:
- Closed bugs in openstreetbugs as much as possible and later notes in OSM.
- People of Brazil asked to mapped the football stadiums for Brazil 2014 and
"For "night living map" queremos mapear estradas na amazonia, para ajudar o combate a defloresração. São 5 areas hotspot de desmatamento."
- Nicaragua, Bolivia, ...
- Whatever you want...

On the other hand great job of Pascal Neis with his latest web.

At the end, I agree with Pierre to used the wiki pages.
Oscar (user: cronoser)


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Hi Eduardo,

Great thanks to Pascal Neis who created a new Contributor statistic page where we can follow with a hashtag contributor participation to various events like we did for the Philippines Typhoon. Pascal describes this service at http://neis-one.org/2014/02/osm-changesets/

For the Night of the Living Maps, with the hahstag #notlm, the link resultmaps.neis-one.org/osm-changesets?comment=notlm would let us follow the progress over the map, including statistics of participation.

But there is not much time to organize this event and only one response so far. If more groups want to organize events in different cities, we could reproduce the content of the wiki page https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Night_of_the_living_maps and add over a map the various places to map. Links to Task Manager jobs would orient the various contributors that want to participate.

Your suggestion for Nicaragua is interesting since this area is actually mostly blank on the map.

It would be easy to find similar places around the world if other groups want to participate.


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On 2014-01-30 18:03, Pierre Béland wrote:
> I also think that this is a fantastic proposition. What do you think
> if we would try to cover various parts of the world that are neglected
> in OSM. We could prepare a serie of Tasks in the Task Manager and
> invite people to contribute to these in this 24 hours. This way, we
> would see the progress and the participation. And why not, Pascal Neis
> could prepare a Statistic page to follow this ? :)

I added some small villages on Nicaraguan North Atlantic Coast

They may be adequate places to map using Bing imagery. There are a lot
of rivers and roads/tracks unmapped in this area.

I will be able to connect to Mumble server if any Spanish speaker (or
even English speakers) needs some guidance.

Kind regards.

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