[OSM-talk] OpenStreetMap enhances user privacy

Peter Barth osm-talk at won2.de
Tue Feb 11 21:56:53 UTC 2014


Tom Hughes schrieb:
> On 11/02/14 21:04, Peter Barth wrote:
> > And another question: Could you consider to favor cacert certificates
> > over RapidSSL/GeoTrust?
> Why would we want to do that? 

:) Imho the CA system is totaly broken. If you want any security you
need pinning. Anyways, I'd always prefer a web-of-trust over a company 
and that's the first reason what Cacert is good for. Second, I don't 
like that an open project (or any person for that matter) has to pay 
much money to participate in the www. Cacert is free, the others 

> It would cause virtually all our users to 
> get certificate warnings when visiting the site.

However, you might have a point with this one :/ I forgot about the
other operating systems out there and I suppose MS doesn't include
cacert's root certificate :(

Anyways, sorry for the noise. But I'd still prefer cacert over any 
big expensive authority ;)



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