[OSM-talk] Not attaching polygons to roads

Richard Z. ricoz.osm at gmail.com
Sat Feb 22 18:37:00 UTC 2014

On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 04:02:19PM -0800, Bryce Nesbitt wrote:

> To say that "the park occupies the space between these four streets" is a
> very reasonable first approximation model.


> It's the micro-mapping that brings up hard to process situations.  Imagine
> that same area micromapped:
> road centerline, cycle tracks, power poles, fence, hedge, imported legal
> property boundary of the park.   To render that well for various needs
> you've got to start shoving and pushing element.  To render the highway
> "fat" you need to push out the cycle track and fence lines.  Should you
> also shove over the hedge or just bury it under the roadway?  It's unclear
> what's best.

not the only problem. Attaching areas to ways is making a special class of
mapping mistakes happen easy. 
If the four areas are attached to highways that have a grade separated crossing 
many times people accidentaly make a node connecting the highways right into 
the middle of the bridge where the four areas join.


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