[OSM-talk] Not attaching polygons to roads

hbogner hbogner at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 19:15:45 UTC 2014

On 02/25/2014 07:54 PM, Johan C wrote:
> It looks utterly wrong to me when a wall is being put in the middle of a
> normal road (I've only seen this in Berlin in the mid 80's, but that was an
> actual groundtruth situation at the time). Not to mention that attaching
> polygons to roads is very unfriendly to newcomers who will not be able to
> select a road in iD in a normal way to update e.g. maxspeeds.

I'll always make polygon separate from the road.
One of the reasons is that we mark road only with it's centerline and 
not whole dimensions, shape and width.
And if we connect the polygon to that centerline we create false data.
Those fileds end at the certain distance from road centerline, 1m, 2m, 
5m,10m... and there is no reason to virtualy extend them and falsify the 
real world.


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