[OSM-talk] SRTM Elevation Data

Yves yvecai at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 17:54:53 UTC 2014

For your issue with your database, you may find more help on the more technical osm-dev list.
Maybe you'll find it easier to work with Postgresql and Postgis for what you are trying to do ? 

On 28 février 2014 02:24:36 UTC+01:00, Joel Znamenacek <audiofile at outlook.com> wrote:
>Is all the 1 sec (30m) SRTM data already imported into OSM? I saw some
>elevation data, but it looks incomplete so I started trying to blend
>both data sets. 
>This project is kicking my ass and I need help melding a lat/lon from
>OSM to SRTM lat/lon. I have both datasets in SQL Server and trying to
>join them together is the pain point. The pain is either in long query
>times and/or not accurate enough lookups. I'm finding SQL Server 2012
>spatial is slow (it uses .NET). The scope of the project is just the
>USA data.
>My server system is: 
>overclocked and water-cooled i7 3930k (4.1GHZ) 6 cores (plus 6
>32 GB RAM
>1.6GB/s disk IO subsystem and 1/2 TB of space. Speed is as indicated by
>SQL Server performance monitor. (This can go higher w/more HW RAID
>controllers that I already have)
>SQL Server Enterprise
>Windows Server 2012 Enterprise
>Ideas from a 30,000' view on how to do this are appreciated (granular
>views are just as good :) ).
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>talk at openstreetmap.org

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