[OSM-talk] Mappy New Year

Alex Barth alex at mapbox.com
Mon Jan 6 15:23:45 UTC 2014

Mappy New Year everyone!

Over here at OpenStreetMap US we'll celebrate OpenStreetMap's big 1-0 with
State of the Map US April 12 and 13 in Washington DC


I invite everyone (not just US based mappers) to join, propose a session
and share their ideas and experiences in growing OpenStreetMap as a
community and as a map.

I'd like to add to Richard's call to get active in your community. In the
US we regularly create an excuse for this with our quarterly #editathons.
Next one is in January 18/19, you can get yourself still on this list:


Here's to 2014


On Sun, Jan 5, 2014 at 8:08 PM, Richard Weait <richard at weait.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I hope that you are off to a great start on your mapping activities for
> 2014.
> OpenStreetMap is certainly off to a great start.  User emacsen wrote a
> compelling article today that drove a significant number of new
> mappers to OpenStreetMap.  That's some great advocacy, right there.
> The article is really aimed at folks who are not yet mappers, so not
> really the same audience of these lists, as we're already mappers.
> but you might enjoy the article anyway.  Have a look.
> http://blog.emacsen.net/blog/2014/01/04/why-the-world-needs-openstreetmap/
> In 2014 we will see the 10 anniversary / birthday of OpenStreetMap.
> What are you going to do to celebrate?  We (the local mappers in
> Toronto) will host another OpenStreetMap Mapiversary party, details to
> be determined, how about your local group?
> On that subject, is this the year that you'll start a local mapping
> group in your town?
> I've never understood why it is that the German community has groups
> of mappers that meet each month, in just about every city, town and
> village of size, while in North America those groups are very rare.
> It could be that the difference is you.  You can start a successful,
> self-sustaining local group that meets each month to discuss
> OpenStreetMap.  So you should do that.  It's great fun.
> Part of our fun in Toronto in 2013 included, the 9th birthday party,
> including a map cake.  Twelve regularly scheduled Mappy Hour events,
> two formal presentation events, three special guest events to
> celebrate august mappers visiting from other places.  (and a little
> bit of a flood, but we soldiered on anyway.)
> What about this thread?  Tell me, what your plans are for 2014?
> and have a Mappy New Year,
> Richard
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