[OSM-talk] JOSM should delete image caches on exit

Joseph R. Justice jayarejay at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 04:02:25 UTC 2014

On Sat, Jan 11, 2014 at 10:04 PM, Tom Taylor <tom.taylor.stds at gmail.com>wrote:

I started a virus scan a couple of days ago and wondered why scanning
> seemed to hang up on a particular file. Investigating further I found it
> was a folder -- of cached Bing images dating back from the first days of my
> remote mapping activity to the present. There were 450,000 of them! It has
> taken me two days running at 100% computer utilization much of the time to
> get rid of them. (Maybe I did it wrong. Simply deleting the containing
> folder containing the last 150,000 just took a couple of minutes.)

Oops, re the 450,000 files.  As for the time / effort it tool to remove
them, you might have been deleting them one by one from the directory,
especially if you were doing it from a GUI interface than from the command
line -- again, Oops.

> Caching images for a given session makes lots of sense, but leaving them
> forever really does not. How do I put a request in to the JOSM developers
> to ensure that images caches are deleted upon exit from JOSM?

I agree that purging old and particularly obsolete data in an image cache
makes sense.  I also agree that it makes sense to initiate purging the
cache without requiring the user to initiate the purge.

However, I disagree that the image cache should always be automatically
purged when exiting from JOSM.  What if the person restarts it right away,
or next day, or next week, and wants to work on the same area they were
previously working in?  In this case, the data in the image cache at the
time of the exit is likely still useful, and it would be a waste of
downloading time and network bandwidth to download it again.

I also disagree that the image cache should always be purged without user
intervention.  (I agree that this option should be available to be selected
by the user, but it probably should not be the default.)  Maybe the user
knowingly never wants the cache automatically purged, for whatever reason.
Maybe the user wants to know what's going on, and have some control as to
how much is purged or kept.

I think a better choice would be to have JOSM generate a notification upon
exit when the cache is above some (potentially configurable) level, saying
"The image cache is over N bytes / N files / has data over N days old --
would you like the oldest information over this limit purged?"  Perhaps
some sort of sliding scale configurator, showing how much is in the cache
now and how much free space will be regained by deleting data more than a
day / a week / a month / N days old.

Thanks for your time.  Hope this is of some use, interest.  Be well.

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