[OSM-talk] Details about wooded belt in Saratov Oblast?

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Fri Jan 24 23:08:24 UTC 2014

First of all, my sincere thanks go to everyone who sent a reply to my
question. :)

Am 24.01.2014 07:22, schrieb Ilya Zverev - zverik at textual.ru:
> Hi! Sadly there is no English version of that wiki page, but you can 
> read about that and other forest belts using google translation: 
> http://tinyurl.com/windforest .

Ilya, your link was crucial for me in understanding what those forest
belts are all about. Thanks!

> Those forest belts were planted in Soviet era for protection against 
> wind erosion, like Christoph has guessed.

You may find it a consequence by logic but I thought I better mention
it anyway: These forest belts have been planted left AND right of the
Volga river with both of them beginning almost at the same northern
latitude (compare Samara and Pensa) yet the eastern one goes way further

>> By the way, there are similar structures smaller in width around 
>> Samara. And there is a nice M-character at position 45.5352 N, 
>> 43.0252 E. It has no counterpart in aeral images, neither Google's
>>  nor Bing's, and seems to have been part of a bigger formation of 
>> alphabetic characters become landscape (just west of it remnants 
>> can be seen). Vandalism?
> It is not vandalism, but selectively mapped farm lands. There are
> too many farms, and a mapper chose to draw only those that form the 
> letter. There have been such cases in other resions, and mappers 
> generally don't object to such "art", considering anyone can map more
> farmlands to erase a symbol.

Ok, I got it. I haven't known the expression "guerilla mapping" before
but it makes sense. I have already seen symbols like arrows which seem
to take a similar approach.


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