[OSM-talk] Drop rendering of permissive access?

martyn info at dynoyo.plus.com
Wed Jul 16 17:48:04 UTC 2014

Here in England and Wales, permissive footpaths and permissive 
bridleways are useful additions to the countryside access network. I 
recently discovered and mapped some that have been established by the 
organisation Natural England.  They are often used to link existing 
Public Rights of Way (PROWs), and extend access in areas with fewer 
PROWs.  They are not mapped on Ordnance Survey maps, probably due to 
their potential non-permanent status.  So having them surveyed and 
mapped in OSM is a useful  addition to PROW data, as information about 
them is not easy to find.

So please continue to render them if they are tagged as described in:

regards, Martyn

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