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François Lacombe francois.lacombe at telecom-bretagne.eu
Thu Jul 24 21:05:53 UTC 2014

2014-07-24 22:47 GMT+02:00 Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org>:

> I wonder if it might be better to do what Wikipedia have done - instead
> of having one Wiki where the same articles exist in different languages
> (and often with wildly different content), have a Wiki for every
> language where the community using that language can build their own OSM
> reference (with Interwiki links where useful).

Not really the kindest idea for those who try to bring reusable tags
worldwide ;)

I'm ok to say all things aren't the same in each country. That's why wiki
and data should adapt in each translation/location.

According to you, we'd better split OSM in several projects, one for each
country and data consumers will do the rest.
That's not the same deal.
In my mind, OSM can't be break apart of its data reference if we want
consumers find our data useful. If you split the reference, you should
split the whole project.

*François Lacombe*

francois dot lacombe At telecom-bretagne dot eu
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