[OSM-talk] Wiki translate extension

Andreas Goss andig88 at t-online.de
Fri Jul 25 02:26:13 UTC 2014

> > Using the same Wiki with language namespacing implements the concept of
> > very close translations - the structure is the same for everyone, and
> > the translator is just expected to fill in the blanks. I don't believe
> > that this will lead to high-quality documentation; I believe this will
> > be at best a little better than automatic translation.

But that concept is not really reality. There a dozen for German pages 
which are completely different from the English one, but both cover that 
topic in a way that is usefull for people who get to that page.

The main advantage I see with keeping everything in one Wiki is that it 
is a lot easier to find tagging or translation mistakes.

> Often when I am going to translate an article, I try to improve it, but
> because the english article is considered the "main" one, I end up
> having to improve the english article as well. This can be a big
> productivity killer.

Completely agree with you. As pointed out in the other mail the issue is 
not just translation, but documentation in the first place. I just tried 
to translate all the craft= pages, but bascially I have to fix the 
template on the English page first every time. For vending= which I did 
before I bacially had to create every single page.

> I have to say that it wasn't intuitive to understand that, linking to
> other wiki page from a page in portuguese will link to an english page
> unless I stick a "Pt:" prefix before it.

On the one hand that's bad on the other hand it's also an advantage, 
because I bet most of the time the portuguese page does not exist, so 
forcing a "create page" would be worse.

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