[OSM-talk] Wiki translate extension

Andreas Goss andig88 at t-online.de
Fri Jul 25 03:35:53 UTC 2014

> If there is country specific information about a tag then I would like
> to be aware of it, as it could be useful for other countries/languages too.

And if I open a DE:feature I would like to be presentet with the 
information relevant to my country in the first place.

If I open DE:bicycle_something then I don't want to be presented with 
various signs that are used in the US, South Africa, Japan or Mexico. I 
want to see the sign that I saw on the ground in Germany and then how to 
tag it.

So I want to see these signs:

And not these:

If you want country relevant information on every translation then you 
do have to look though a dozen different signs 99.99% of the people 
reading that page are never goingto use. And those are sign that are 
easy to spot. Now make that text...

> That could be as simple as copying it to the English language page (marking it as requiring translation) or if it's longer providing a link on the English language page.

You are still going to present me with a lot of information that is not 
usefull for my country. And it will get worse once you try to translate 
non-English pages back. From German to Englisch you are then going to 
get funny stuff like [PLEASE DON'T CONFUSE evangelical with evangelical!!!]

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