[OSM-talk] [OSM-dev] Upcoming openstreetmap-carto changes

Matthijs Melissen info at matthijsmelissen.nl
Fri Jul 25 16:59:23 UTC 2014

On 23 July 2014 02:51, Paul Norman <penorman at mac.com> wrote:
> v2.17.0 of the openstreetmap-carto stylesheet has been released, though not
> yet deployed on tile.osm.org.

I would like to thank everyone for all comments, which are really helpful.

Because there are so many comments about different aspects, and
because the replies to them will likely provoke further replies, I
will mainly respond here with references to the relevant issues on
Github. This hopefully will make it easier for everyone to keep an
overview, by keeping the discussion in one place. I hope it also will
make it easier for everyone to only follow the parts of the discussion
in which they are interested.

In general, the quickest way to get attention to a problem is to
create an issue on Github:
https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto. The stylesheet
developers do not follow all threads here on talk, while on Github
issues are guaranteed to be seen.

-- Matthijs

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