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On Sun, Jul 27, 2014 at 10:28 PM, Greg Morgan <dr.kludge.gm at gmail.com>

> I'd say make the changes at the city admin level for these reasons. The
> tribal nations are viewed by the courts as territories but they tend to act
> more at the city[4] to county[3] COG [1] level.  The squabbles feel more
> like cities fighting over annexation issues or building alliances for or
> against economic development[4].  Based on Paul Norman's nice visualization
> [2] a city boundary feels like the correct admin level verses cutting areas
> out of county or state levels. Scottsdale cannot grow to the east[5] and
> Phoenix cannot grow to the south[6] as if the tribal nations are cities.
> The tribal nations still have to act at or below the county level to get
> things done[1][3].

Tribal lands are not cities. Well some are, but only because they are a
city. But most cover large geographical territories. Categorizing tribal
lands as city or county, IMHO, is wrong. The reservations are not State (US
State) controlled lands. However they do work in partnership with the
states and counties on many fronts.  Native American people have dual
citizenship. Where they live determines who they can vote for in US
elections. So where the people reside determines where they vote.

The problem is the admin level boundary doesn't work for tribal lands. From
previous discussions I understood that we agreed that
boundary=aboriginal_lands was probably the most suitable compromise. The
boundary shows tribal lands and the states and county boundaries show where
people vote.

Paul Johnson, I emphasize with you, but I don't see how we can accommodate
Domestic Dependant States in the current admin hierarchy.

I just fixed a boundary for the Swinomish Tribe nearby. The previous
boundary cut right through their casino property. Plus the old boundary did
not include their water rights. I'd like to do an import of Washington
Tribal lands in the near future. Only a small number are in OSM. It would
be great if we could agree on a tagging structure.


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