[OSM-talk] "Incorrect speed limit" anonymous notes - who is behind that?

JB jbosm at mailoo.org
Tue Jul 29 11:21:38 UTC 2014

Not sure it is safe to go on such a discussion that may turn sour soon 
only because of different views on how notes should be used… Lets say I 
try to keep the db as clean as possible without getting too much 
angryness here in France, but am also wondering on how the situation 
will look like, say, in one year in some countries. Lets also state that 
I do not think OSB was a « great » database at the end of its existence 
(yes, I closed many many bugs there when it was shut down).
For QA tools, I consider these as QA, that also allow to spot where 
speed limits are missing:
and some (but only a few) analyses from osmose:
I do not expect an answer, let's cool down,

Le 29/07/2014 12:49, Peter Wendorff a écrit :
> Sorry,
> there are QA tools to detect where speed limits are missing?
> Can you give me a link?
> And - if it's not self explaining: how should that work? I don't see any
> way to detect missing speed limits in the data beyond cases where those
> are implicit defaults, like 100 on non-trunk roads away from built up
> areas in Germany (which is complicated enough to derive from the data),
> or 130 for trunk roads (although most often there are lower limits), or
> 50 in cities (as the most often down-signed default).
> So if there is any QA tool that detects that, I fear it uses third party
> sources, a reporting system similar to the notes feature, but using a
> different channel, or it is restricted to some cornercases only. I doubt
> there is something like that which could make notes about speed limit
> errors in osm obsolete.
> IMHO notes are to be checked in person on the ground usually. If there's
> nobody in France to do that, yes, then notes will remain in the database
> for a long time, but basically they stay correct: Here is something
> missing or wrong, please check that on the ground.
> regards
> Peter
> Am 29.07.2014 um 11:09 schrieb JB:
>> I don't necessarily want to analyse once more how the notes are opened,
>> closed or not closed and to what aim, nor analyse the end of
>> OpenStreetBug life and the quality of the remaining bugs, but in France,
>> I have never ever seen anyone comment on someone else's note (or «
>> resurvey »). The only comments I have seen were from the note opener,
>> when prompted by a potential corrector.
>> So a note which indicates « probably 90km/h here » or « speed limit is
>> not 0km/h » may remain there for years (yes, years), demotivate
>> potential note closers, never be closed. I do not think they participate
>> to a high quality note db. There are quality assessments tools around
>> that allow contributors to detect where speed limits are missing.
>> JB, with perhaps some bad faith in there, but not that much.
>> Le 29/07/2014 10:19, Steve Doerr a écrit :
>>> On 29/07/2014 08:32, JB wrote:
>>>> Anyway, as for most notes concerning speed limits, if you do no have
>>>> the beginning and the end of the limit, at least in France, the
>>>> information is quite useless.
>>> Are we all armchair mappers now? Surely the note should prompt someone
>>> local to go out to the location and find out where the speed limit
>>> starts and ends?
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