[OSM-talk] Tile refresh on openstreetmap.org

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Sun Mar 2 12:21:10 UTC 2014

On 02/03/14 12:12, Christoph Hormann wrote:
> On Sunday 02 March 2014, Tom Hughes wrote:
>>> http://a.tile.openstreetmap.org/11/1577/243.png/status
>> yevaud: Dirty. Last rendered at Sat Feb 22 03:13:25 2014
>> orm: Clean. Last rendered at Sun Mar 02 11:43:19 2014.
>>> http://b.tile.openstreetmap.org/12/3154/483.png/status
>> yevaud: Dirty. Last rendered at Sun Feb 23 02:00:44 2014.
>> orm: Clean. Last rendered at Sun Mar 02 11:43:20 2014.
> Based on the status i got from the tile server these two were last
> rendered on Jan 11 and Jan 30 before the 11:43 render today.  The third
> one mentioned in the other mail is still on Jan 11 (don't know how long
> it will stay of course) If they have been rendered in between the
> update did not make it to the tile distribution apparently.

There seem to be some bugs - firstly the monthly rerender has not been 
triggering, which I think I have now fixed:


Secondly, it looks like the z11+12 renders on a stylesheet change have 
not been completing. I think the fix is this:


So I have asked Kai if he can do a new build with that in.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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