[OSM-talk] OpenAquiMap project : Improvement of Amenity Editor

Frédéric Rodrigo fred.rodrigo at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 10:52:32 UTC 2014


The OpenAquiMap project aims to promote the contribution and improvement 
of OpenStreetMap data. For this OpenAquiMap proposes to lowering the 
technology need for beginners contributors. The project also proposes to 
initiate and collect data by organizing mapping parties and training. To 
lower the technology step one goal is make imporvement on the Amenity 
Editor. The OpenAquiMap project is funded with € 40 000 by the French 
Region of Aquitaine (south-west land around Bordeaux) and leading by 
"Les Petits Débrouillards Aquitaine" (a French associative promoting 
science and technology culture).

The objective of the changes in the editor Amenity Editor (AE) is to 
offer an online editor that can be used in all hands, especially for 
first-time contributors and children.

AE is a simple online tool to create and edit nodes (points of interest 
POIs). It allows users to quickly insert new points and enhance existing 
ones using thematic forms. AE is a free software available on github 

Planned work on AE was the follows :
- French translation software and thematic forms ,
- possible to modify the attributes of polygons and only nodes,
- support the specificities of French mapping and adapted to the use of 
OpenAquiMap project.

New developments are available on github 

Thematic forms

The choice was made to reuse JOSM preset file. Originaly AE thematic 
forms was directly set in the code, now there are defined in external 
XML files. They offer the advantage to be more easily to translate. The 
objective was not to integrate JOSM preset in AE, but just a have a 
common format. Other preset available for JOSM and can be reused.

Optimizing load time

AE was based on direct access to central OSM API servers. It was 
downloading all the content area being edited, then filtered on editable 
components. To reduce the amount of data to be downloaded and processed 
now obtain data from the OverpassAPI (enables content filtering on the 
server side before donwload).

Editing polygons

Originally, AE only supports the creation and editing points. Basic 
elements can be mapped either as a point or as polygon. Support polygon 
has been added for editing. The ability to draw polygons would conflict 
with the aim of simplicity in the editor .


The software has been translated in French.It was also necessary to 
internationalize parts which was not yet able to translate. Adding JOSM 
preset also facilitated the translation and the possible reuse of JOSM 


The JOSM preset take more space than the original one, it was necessary 
to modify the interface by removing marker bubbles and adding a side 
panel dedicated to the editing. Support preset also involved the need 
for a suitable interface. The ability to have multiple presets results 
in the presence of a selection menu. Widgets for geolocation by web 
browser and addresses search also added.

All these improvements are available on the AE version hosted at 
http://ae.openstreetmap.fr by OpenStreetMap-France and realised by 
Carte-Libre (me).

This development was made in contact with AE original author, but this 
work it's not merged in main branch.

http://ae.openstreetmap.fr (OpenAquiMap improved AE)
http://ae.osmsurround.org (original AE)
http://openaquimap.org (in French)
http://www.lespetitsdebrouillardsaquitaine.org (in French)

Frédéric Rodrigo

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