[OSM-talk] Key:layer update

Frank Little frankosm at xs4all.nl
Wed Mar 12 23:28:23 UTC 2014

Tobias Knerr wrote:
> On 12.03.2014 16:53, Frank Little wrote:
>> But when did this happen as reported by Richard Z.:
>> The initiative to have implicit layer tags for those feature was voted
>> down so every tunnel and bridge should
>> now have one.
> There was a proposal to set default layer=1 for bridge=yes and layer=-1
> for tunnel=yes. It was rejected by a clear majority of those who voted:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/default_layer_for_bridge_and_tunnel
My thanks. I'd agree with the comment which Frederik Ramm made (while 
abstaining) on that proposal: If the idea was to automatically add a layer tag 
to bridges and tunnels (or to remove it if present), I would oppose it (for 
reasons he gave).

This is however not the "implicit layer tags" argument which Richard Z. gives, 
which he suggests means:. "so every tunnel and bridge should now have one". We 
model bridges and tunnels in a specific way in OSM which means we do not need 
to add additional layer tags (but feel free if you do want to).

I have always understood that we do not use a layer tag for road/waterway 
crossings, as osm help also suggests here: 

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