[OSM-talk] Announcement of the release of a new set of POI icons

Markus Semm msemm at enaikoon.de
Sun Mar 16 16:49:39 UTC 2014

Hi all,

a set of more than 1000 POI icons for OSM maps and OSM editors has been released today.

The main purpose of this icon set is
a) covering all OSM POI tags with at least 1000 occurrences according to TAGINFO
b) provision of the most common key-value combinations for each icon
c) assignment of each icon to one or multiple map feature groups

This icon set can be used for the following purposes:
a) integration into existing or future OSM editors
b) to display POIs on any OSM map

My hope is receiving some feedback from the community in order to further improve this icon set including the related metadata.

The icon set can be downloaded here: http://osm-icons.org

Thank you very much in advance for your feedback!
Cheers Markus

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