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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Mar 19 00:34:55 UTC 2014


On 19.03.2014 00:04, Andrew Hain wrote:
> Does the process of selecting images need to be friendlier?

Frankly, I looked at the IotW page and I see one person (Aseerel4c26)
esentially finding something to nit-pick with every single image. He
doesn't seem totally *wrong* but I think he's just raising the bar too
high - in my opinion, "image of the week" must not be confused with an
award for excellence. An IotW does not have to be best-of-breed, it can
simply be something interesting, quirky, funny, whatever.

While I think that respect demands everyone should be heard, I think
that if I were engaged in the IotW process, after a while I would just
ignore Aseerel4c26's remarks and if come Monday there's no IotW image
that he likes, I'd just put up one that he doesn't like - it's not as if
anyone has a veto right.

I have at times in the past simply put up an image that I liked without
any discussion if there was no IotW and I had a good idea I wouldn't
hesitate to fast-track it myself.

This is the Wiki after all!

> Are the suggested guidelines posted at
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Featured_image_proposals#Draft_Guidelines
> helpful?

I don't think they are wrong but frankly, several pages of rules and
guidelines (elsewhere on that page we have a detailed timeline saying
that 14 days in advance is the latest that you can submit a proposal...
hello? bureaucracy or what?) just seem too much for something that
should be fun and easy to do.

I can see that you would need rules if people start abusing IotW (e.g.
"this image shows the great new map by XY corp") and then when you say
no they go "please show me the rules where it says no advertising...") -
but has such abuse happened? Else I'd just say, take it easy, relax,
make a list of the next 10 upcoming IotW's with 10 empty slots, and
whoever fills one first, has that slot, no big discussion, done. Just
like elsewhere on the Wiki, if it is felt that someone plays foul, you
would just remove his entry again but you would have to have important

Just my $0.02 as someone who hasn't been involved in IotW for a longer time.


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