[OSM-talk] Crimea/Russia/Ukraine Borders

Ilya Zverev zverik at textual.ru
Wed Mar 19 04:04:00 UTC 2014

Hi! Russian and Ukrainian community, including DWG member Eugene 
Sandulenko, have come to an agreement to not touch administrative 
borders and name tags of Crimea until 1st of June, 0:01 MSK. The 
situation there is quite unstable and will change significantly in 
coming months. Ukrainian president elections will be held on 25th of 
May, and we expect thing to be more clear after that.

Every edit touching name tags and administrative borders will be 
treated as provoking an edit war and reverted, users who do that 
repeatedly will be banned.

Sorry if that was your plan for coming weeks. Please do not discuss 
politics on this mailing list.


> From: Clifford Snow <clifford at snowandsnow.us>
> I'm curious how OSM handles this dispute. I expect Russia's 
> parliament
> ratify the annexation and I expect that Ukraine will continue to 
> disagree.
> Do we have a documented process in place to determine when the border 
> is
> changed? I couldn't find anything on the wiki after a quick search. 
> If it
> is documented, can someone please point it out to me? We have a 
> disputes
> page which is fine for handling disputes. I'm looking for the process 
> for
> determining when we all agree that a border should be changed.
> Please, let's not get hung up on if you agree or disagree with the
> annexation.


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