[OSM-talk] Making Maps from OpenStreetMap data: Free styles+icons sought

Stefan Keller sfkeller at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 19:37:01 UTC 2014


I'm preparing a documentation about how to make own maps from
OpenStreetMap data [1]. The goal is to make "nice" maps (with
TileMill), eventually within own region, and without programming
skills (scripts only).

1. If there's a docu. already around, pls. tell me.

2. If somebody has styles and icons pls. poke me too. These styles and
icons ideally should be based either on the Shapefiles from Geofabrik
or data from ogr2ogr, osm2pgsql or spatialite_osm_map - and being put
under a free license.


[1] http://giswiki.hsr.ch/Making_Maps_from_OpenStreetMap_Data

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