[OSM-talk] [Wikidata-l] [OHM] Should we map former endonyms?

Jo winfixit at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 12:31:10 UTC 2014

I think wikidata has the potential to tie it all together. There is no need
to split the information over 2 databases.

What would be nice, is a way to say: this object is now split/merged. Save
the current version in OSM and save the historic version of those objects
in OHM. And all the metadata and in wikidata. Then point from OSM and OHM
to wikidata. Use Overpass to retrieve the relevant objects based on their
ids in wikidata.


2014-03-20 11:51 GMT+01:00 David Cuenca <dacuetu at gmail.com>:

> On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 9:45 AM, Gerard Meijssen <
> gerard.meijssen at gmail.com> wrote:
>> A similar thing can be considered for streets and stuff as well.
>> Obviously it needs a lot of thought but from an abstract point of view, a
>> street or an image, it is just another category of data. When it works for
>> one type of data it could / should work for another type of data as well.
> In that regard perhaps it would make more sense for OSM or another entity
> to run a Wikibase Repository dedicated exclusively to geographic
> entities/names.
> Thanks,
> Micru
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