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Johan C osmned at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 23:24:39 UTC 2014

2014-03-26 8:00 GMT+01:00 Tom Morris <tom at tommorris.org>:

>  The fact that the import process (and indeed the tag approval process)
> has become heavyweight enough that people aren't bothering anymore should
> perhaps be a reason to drastically reform those processes.
> I know I've participated in both and basically given up.
> --
> Tom Morris
> <http://tommorris.org/

You have a point. A few months ago I've heard a Belgium guy saying
something like you. And I've some experiences myself on the process which
has made me count to ten a few times. The attitude for imports can be
experienced as harsh, like going through an exam.

What I learned from it: everyone here cares about OSM and wants OSM to be
the best map(data) in the world. And there are actually no folks against
imports. It's only that imports should be done in the right way. What the
right way is, is slowly being established for addresses. In spite of some
differences, anybody who now wants to import addresses and building
outlines can look at imports in New York City and The Netherlands and some
other countries for examples. If anyone wants help on the import process
there are several people willing to assist in a positive manner.

Open data initiatives will help in acquiring address data: for  example by
July 2015 close to 200 million addresses in the EU will be available for
OSM because of a change in the national laws. For me having addresses and
building outlines within the OSM database is the number one option because
of the conflation process to get the data in. Having this data in will make
it a lot easier for mappers to check the address data, set entrances to
buildings and to add POI's. OpenAdresses can be a second best option, for
example in cases where the quality of public address data is too low for

Cheers, Johan
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