[OSM-talk] Launching OpenAddresses

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Mar 27 23:04:46 UTC 2014


On 27.03.2014 23:14, Johan C wrote:
> Yep. Germany is the largest: 40M.

The assumption "one household == one address" is only valid for half of
these 40 million; the other half lives in building types where several
households share one address.

Also, I don't share Johan's belief that all of Europe will automatically
have free address data by July 2015 - to me, the directive seems to
contain more loopholes than Swiss cheese. But I wouldn't mind to be
wrong on this one.

Regarding importing such open data into OSM, I'm happy that it can be
collected and kept in OpenAddresses until such time as a local community
wants to use it in their mapping. Past import efforts, even when planned
as a "community import", occasionally had power mappers from hundreds of
kilometres away import tens of thousands of objects when the plan had
originally been to have the local community do things in their own time
- all just to get it over with quickly. OpenAddresses offers the chance
of taking out this pressure and let mappers import data in *their* local
area when *they* are ready.


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