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Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 22:42:28 UTC 2014

Kate Chapman wrote:

> What would you like the board to do to recognize the work of the

Hi Kate,

Personally I don't want a pat on the back, but I would like to more
prominently see the OSMF board actively supporting the community.

For example, In my view we are long overdue some work to the community
portals of OSM. We've had iD and the redesign of the main website, but
communication channels have seen little attention recently and in my
opinion are not supporting a healthy community.

Earlier today I read the scope of the CWG [1]. I quote:

"The group will do some analysis of the different channels, and areas where
problems can be seen, e.g. signal-to-noise ratio of community discussions,
and possibly develop some ideas for making improvements."

I would like to pick this up and push it forward bringing in aspects such
as diversity, a code of conduct, some way to tackle the increasing levels
of spam on the OSM Diary feature and making community discussion a more
prominent feature accessible via the front page. However I am only willing
to do this if I can see that my effort has a chance of actually going
somewhere. This means that if we were to identify some requirements such as
a need for funding to build something, or getting a change to the main
website, or (shock-horror) sending a single email to all registered members
asking them if they'd like to join a email subscription, I would at least
be heard by the board. Right now I'm not sure I would.

(In regards to that last one I know I wouldn't be supported because I've
raised it before and got nowhere. And getting a sotm banner on osm.org can
be an uphill battle too!)


[1] http://www.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Communication_Working_Group
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