[OSM-talk] A Better <strike>Map<\strike> community

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Thu Oct 23 06:03:57 UTC 2014

Rob Nickerson said:
> Personally I don't want a pat on the back, but I would like to more
> prominently see the OSMF board actively supporting the community.

I will reiterate that, no matter how wondrous the two candidates you 
elect are, the board will sink into a morass of its own making this year 
as every single year, unless

1. the whole board stands down
2. a two-term limit is introduced

Steve Coast wrote:
> The board is too big. It grew for good reasons but now it’s just
> hard to achieve anything. Seven people mean that if everyone speaks
> for five minutes in a conversation on some issue, you use over half
> an hour.

Right, but you know and I know that it's not seven people speaking for 
five minutes each, it's one person speaking for 30 minutes, three people 
speaking for one minute and three others who didn't turn up.


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