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Thu Oct 23 17:31:25 UTC 2014

On Thu, Oct 23, 2014 at 9:56 AM, <steve at asklater.com> wrote:

> I'm adding OSMF-talk since it concerns what I outlined in the
> original “vision statement” email.
> I was perhaps too specific and jumped ahead saying “world’s best
> addressable map”.
> What I really mean is the “world's most complete open map”. There are
> three pieces to a modern map. There's the display piece, the routing and
> the geocoding.

That makes for a better vision statement in my mind that best addressable
map. I might even shorten it to world's most complete map. Why limit
ourselves. We have the means to be the best map, open or otherwise. Getting
to our vision requires setting goals. One of which certainly should be
addressing. I'd like to see the OSMF lead a group to first define our
vision and once complete, to set goals to help us achieve our vision. I'm
one of the crowd that feels the OSMF Board needs to set goals, certainly
with input from the community and user of our data. Those goals should help
the Board prioritize where to spend our limited resources. That requires
leadership from the Board.

> We won the display piece. It looks great. We are ok at routing. Not
> perfect or great, but ok. We're really lacking on the addressing. If we can
> get addressing even to the “ok” stage then a lot more people will use OSM,
> which means more editors, more community and more data. This is because the
> main use for maps today by the public is to get somewhere, and we can't
> help with that without all three pieces. Right now we have 2/3.
> I jumped ahead because I see this every day, and I understand not
> everybody does. I think all the other things are good too, even every tree
> in OSM! I just know that if we had to pick one thing to focus on it would
> be addressing, as it will get all the other things to happen faster too.
> But that doesn't mean you can't add trees in to OSM at the same time, just
> that the shortest path to getting more of everything is to get more of
> addressing.

Talk to emergency response teams, not only do they need addressing to get
to response sites, but they need to know where every member of their team
resides and how to get them to the response site. This is an area where OSM
can shine.

> Also let's be clear - addressing isn't easy. It's complicated and hard.
> But that's a good goal to have, and OSM was complicated and hard in the
> first place.


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