[OSM-talk] "The world’s best [Cycling] map"

Dave F. davefox at madasafish.com
Fri Oct 24 15:29:05 UTC 2014


Steve Coast has a vested interest in encouraging others to add 
addressing to OSM.

I, too, have a vested interest: in cycling (because I bloody love doing 
it). I ask, nay, demand, that everyone down tools, stop what they are 
doing & map all cycling infrastructure, to make OSM the world's best map 
for riders of bikes.

I'm joking/being mildly sarcastic, of course. OSM is a 'Do it yourself' 
- mappers add what interests them. With a diverse enough crowd we end up 
with a database that contains info for a wide variety of uses.

I don't find adding addresses "fun" so I don't do it. I wouldn't dream 
of telling someone what we 'need' to map. Someone recently added all 
trees to a local university campus. To my eyes, completely pointless, 
but he wanted to do it, so more power to him.

SC quote: "what’s stopping us replacing proprietary maps... is addressing"

He's speaking from his vested interest position - SatNavs, which is just 
one small segment of OSM's uses. In many areas OSM is, all be it slower 
than I'd like, replacing proprietary maps. More web pages are embedding 
OSM slippy maps especially in the UK as a free to use map compared with 
Ordnance Survey. Unfortunately Google is still seen as the leader in the 
field due to the biased, free promotion it gets from media outlets like 
the BBC. I don't know how that can be overcome, but I don't think adding 
addresses is it.

SC quote: "So why don’t we go do that?"

I've little interest on OSMF, or the board as I rather go outside & map.

Dave F>

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