[OSM-talk] openstreetmap-carto upgrade, new features, interesting issues

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Sat Sep 6 18:57:48 UTC 2014

After a delay for hardware reasons (a drive having issues in a rendering
server), the "Standard" stylesheet on OpenStreetMap.org has been
upgraded to v2.20.0 of openstreetmap-carto. As always, a full list of
changes can be found at github, via

Significant changes include

* Splitting ref tags to render refs as multi-line shields. This
   rendering is probably the best we can do until Mapnik 3 becomes
   common (#750)
* Rendering crossroad names, a feature common in parts of Asia (#813)
* Steps to fix the cyan from small water bodies at low zoom. This should
   also stop over-representing water at low zooms. (#878)
* Migrating the last of the issues from the old style over from trac
* Adjusting zoom levels where features are displayed to be more consistent
* Improved ordering of POIs (#860)
* Bugfixes

A couple more interesting issues open include

* Ways to move away from the .mml format. We are hitting limitations with
   the JSON layers file causiung difficult merge conflicts, as well as
   generally being a pain to edit, and are looking at alternatives:

* Dealing with broken boundaries where the ways lack admin_level and
   boundary tags. Worldwide coverage is reasonable, but some countries
   are missing a lot of data, principally Poland, Azerbaijan, Uganda,
   and some untouched TIGER data:

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