[OSM-talk] OSMdata: a Wikidata-like editor for OpenStreetMap

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Fri Sep 12 13:57:33 UTC 2014

Am 12.09.2014 11:41, schrieb Cristian Consonni:
> Let me stress again that I see OSMdata as being an editor, not a
> repository for OSM, in fact I image in it to be a specialized editor
> to be used for editing tags.

While the idea has a certain appeal, as in "lets try something really
crazy with wikidata", and it would be a fun project just for that, I'm
not quite sure about the the "serious" part of the proposal.

Setting up a tag-only editor for OSM is not a problem, it just doesn't
seem to add any significant value. And in this case would likely require
a significant effort to get any changes out of the OSMdata DB as edits
back in to OSM proper.

I -do- believe that there is space for a handful of wizards (or "guided
editing" if you want) along the lines of "add my business", "add my
address" etc. However writing one of these that really works is not
trivial and needs logic that understands geometry, the different ways
the same object can be represented in OSM and so on, and hasn't been
done to date.

> In my view the idea is to provide a well known interface to edit OSM
> (both manually and automatically with bots, using the same bot
> frameworks already available for editing Wikidata).

It is already far to easy to modify OSM-tags per bot, I'm not sure why
we would want to make it even "easier" (I'm not sure if that would
actually be the case any way).


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