[OSM-talk] PD: what can I do with automatic changes done against code of conduct

Jo Walsh metazool at fastmail.net
Wed Apr 8 08:23:17 UTC 2015

> > So my questions are: is community supposed to run like this? What can I do about it to fix it? Can I escalate this problem somewhere? Would it be ok if I reverted those changes?

The Data Working Group exists in order to give mappers a chance to
escalate concerns about other mappers' edits that can't be resolved
through the usual channels of communication - private messages,
changeset discussions, the mailing lists or forums according to regional
community preference. This would be a familiar looking sort of case for
the DWG.

A member of the DWG will sometimes revert changes as a result of a
decision in a case, but there's nothing special about that act of
reversion. You should feel as free to revert as any mapper; but don't
risk your peace of mind if that looks likely to trigger an edit war in
the map, which can't help.

There is a Mechanical Edit Policy to do with these kind of systematic
changes, and anyone has grounds to revert changes that don't follow the
code of conduct:

It sounds like a forum discussion of the topic is the next step though,

- Jo

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