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Mapillary announced they support video now:


sub, 11. tra 2015. 18:00 Peter Gervai <grinapo+osmtalk at gmail.com> je

> Hello,
> For quite a while I was hoping that it's just me; I thought maybe
> everyone else is able to use some tool for video mapping but as time
> have passed I kind of realised that nobody I know knows about a
> working solution. I use Linux (what else).
> Video mapping: I have a camera, records a movie. I have a GPX,
> contains the track. I would like to use the data combined in JOSM
> (preferably, or any working standalone application if it fails, which
> is inconvenient but still useful more or less) to be able to see
> images for a given position, possibly being able to frame-forward and
> reverse (to read signs etc). It seems simple enough. I don't even care
> about soundtrack.
> There is a VideoMapping plugin for JOSM. No, that's not correct. There
> was a plan to create a working VideoMapping plugin for JOSM in 2010.
> Since then the development ceased completely and the code, as it is,
> uses specific and pretty eccentric java libraries which doesn't work
> at all under Linux (or possibly anywhere else but windoze). I have
> tried several times but based on the (non-)feedback from JOSM
> developers the code doesn't work, not expected to work and nobody able
> or care to rewrite the video display codepaths.
> So, I ask around, here, now: does anyone know a _working_ solution
> (working under Linux) for the desire above? Isn't there anyone with
> the wish and will to code a JOSM video plugin instead of that very
> beta piece of code (or fix it, but my guess is that it is not quite
> "fixable")? Shouldn't be that hard - unless there is really no way to
> display images under java (I'm not familiar with java, you see).
> Or is there any external code possibly doing what's needed?
> Or really nobody does videomapping anywhere?
> True, I could cut the video apart to images at given intervals and
> geotag them but then I'd lose 97% (29/30) of the recorded data. (Even
> the sound track but I could live without it, and there seem to be an
> audio sync plugin for JOSM - I have never tried.)
> Any help or input would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Peter
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