[OSM-talk] Sidewalks

Cartinus cartinus at xs4all.nl
Sat Apr 25 14:31:51 UTC 2015


I have no problem with most of it, but can you please come up with 
something else in stead of cycleway=sidewalk. This sounds like the 
cyclists have to cycle on the part of the road reserved for pedestrians 
or if the cycleway itself has a sidewalk.

I don't know if cycleway=sidepath is proper English, but at least it 
fits with the tagging scheme of bicycle=use_sidepath.

cycleway=sidewalk used only 231 times:

(use_)sidepath used many more times:


On 25-04-15 11:29, Roland Olbricht wrote:
> Dear all,
> our current pedestrian routers often don't give street names, but
> instead only instructions like "look for the line on the map".
> To improve that I would like to encourage mappers to give separately
> mapped footways their proper name instead of leaving them without name.
> The suggestion had been widely discussed with the German community.
> Finally we found the following approach:
> Keep separation rules as already established:
> A sidewalk (or bike lane) shall be mapped as a separate way only if a
> pedestrian cannot cross the car lanes at any point, i.e. there are
> fences or grass strip between footway and the car lanes.
> Change the tagging suggestion for separated sidewalks and bike lanes:
> - Sidewalks should carry "highway=footway" + "footway=sidewalk" +
> "name=Name of the Street" (already in widespread use)
> - Bike lanes should carry "highway=cycleway" + "cycleway=sidewalk" +
> "name=Name of the Street" (similar problem)
> Currently, both the suggestion of "footway=sidewalk" (similar for
> cycling) and copying the name is not suggested consistenly in the wiki.
> Are there any objections to clean-up the wiki with that regard?
> Side effects on other tools are almost uniformly positive:
> - Having the name multiple times on the various chunks of a street is a
> standard OSM policy.
> - Renderers could handle abundant name tags by ignoring names on ways
> tagged with "footway/cycleway=sidewalk"
> - Routing engines actually can improve by having the name of the road
> - Quality assurance tools would also profit by having more hints for
> checking
> Best regards,
> Roland

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