[OSM-talk] Wiki project: Article about the standard layer, with key

colliar colliar4ever at aol.com
Sun Apr 26 15:11:23 UTC 2015

Nice work so far, but are the any plans on carto side and on the wiki
side to support the taginfo feature "projects" ?

All together we could leave the dumb work for the machines and use our
brains for the creative part.

On the wiki side I would like to have some extension of the taginfo box
or even an additional feature to better show the supporting software on
each tag page.

Cheers colliar

Am 20.04.2015 um 20:10 schrieb nebulon42:
> Great! I can offer some support regarding the symbols that have been
> redrawn by me.
> Why bother with PNG when we can have SVG versions? I will upload all of
> my icons that are currently used by osm-carto in coloured SVG versions
> to the wiki and collect them at this page:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Nebulon42/Icons
> (By the way it is easy to create a coloured Osmic icon collection like
> that by looking at
> https://github.com/nebulon42/osmic/blob/master/tools/export.md.)
> I will also replace any existing new symbols in your key page with these
> SVG versions. As I'm not able to replace all other usages of the new
> symbols (maybe not needed yet?) I could use some help with that.

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