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> Hi all,
> In the UK (particularly in rural areas) it is common to find a road that
> turns 90 degrees to the left or right without a junction (that is the road
> just continues and white lines mark it as such). Meanwhile another road may
> come in from the other side with a 'give way' style junction.
> Although the road continues round the bend "SatNav" systems often think it
> is a junction and tell you to "turn right/left in 100 yards/meters".
> I wonder whether it is possible to indicate this in OpenStreetMap so that
> routing engines can omit this redundant instruction.
> == Example picture ==
> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6J5ZA1hu93bZmx2NTIxaHdfMUE/view?usp=sharing
> In the example Oban Road [1] turns to the right to become the northern
> section of Sydnall Road. All main routers tell you to turn right. In my
> opinion this is a redundant instruction (or could be better worded). I've
> tried to add extra nodes so that the road naturally bends but the main
> routing engines still tell you to "turn".
> == Question ==
> Could we benefit from a new route relation? For example a
> "route_continues" relation? Would others find this useful?
> Regards,
> Rob
> [1]
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/directions?engine=osrm_car&route=52.45362%2C-1.48598%3B52.45341%2C-1.48944#map=18/52.45332/-1.48771&layers=Q
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I think the instruction is sometimes required and it is therefore better to
have it in than not. I'm sure without it, drivers would miss the turn
from Holborn
Hill into Moor Road
despite what's left of the white lines indicating this is how the main
route goes.

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