[OSM-talk] Sidewalks

Robert Kaiser kairo at kairo.at
Mon Apr 27 14:43:14 UTC 2015

Roland Olbricht schrieb:
> our current pedestrian routers often don't give street names, but
> instead only instructions like "look for the line on the map".
> To improve that I would like to encourage mappers to give separately
> mapped footways their proper name instead of leaving them without name.

The only correct way to put that into a clean DB model would be to 
create a relation that has the name on it *once* and has all pieces as 
members to which the name applies, including all pieces of street, 
sidewalk, etc.
Now that is considered impractical by most people due to the editing 
strain (we know how likely people already mess up relations right now).

Also, note that what you propose needs actual change of the current 
renderers as they do not at this time ignore the multiple names but 
instead make maps look really ugly (well, most separately mapped 
sidewalks make the map look ugly in current renderers).


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