[OSM-talk] Wiki project: Article about the standard layer, with key

Wuzzy wuzzy2 at mail.ru
Tue Apr 28 11:43:04 UTC 2015

The wiki page has made good progress so far.

Now almost all icons are explained, only a very few icons for rare tags
are missing.

Also most areas are described, a few exotic area colors are missing,
but I don't know how many and which ones.

I also added the beginnings of explaining lines, the most important
road types are now in. The rest will hopefully follow some day.

Someone also added a short section with techincal information. Thanks
for that, but keep in mind that this page is intended to be more
user-centric, so I move this section to the bottom.

Now although the wiki page is still WIP it is at least complete enough
to be linked to in the wiki. I already have placed some links
throughout the wiki, but I have probably missed some opportunities. So
please help me by placing internal links to this wiki page where it is

Thanks for your time and support so far. :-)

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