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Imre Samu pella.samu at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 23:04:41 UTC 2015

> cleaning up incorrect chain store data in OSM.
>...  McDonald's fast food restaurant,  ...

related project:   https://github.com/osmlab/name-suggestion-index
and iD Editor use this (
https://github.com/openstreetmap/iD/blob/master/data/name-suggestions.json )

and don't forget internationalisation :

"Макдоналдс": { "count": 324, "tags": { "name:en": "McDonald's" } "マクドナルド":
{ "count": 692, "tags": { "name:en": "McDonald's", "cuisine": "burger" }


2015-05-01 0:04 GMT+02:00 Andrew MacKinnon <andrewpmk at gmail.com>:

> I am trying to figure out a way of cleaning up incorrect chain store
> data in OSM. For example there are 1422 instances of "McDonalds" in
> OSM (should be McDonald's) and 203 instances of "Tim Horton's" (should
> be Tim Hortons).
> I have created pages on the OSM wiki called
> <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Chain_Store_Cleanup> and
> <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Chain_Store_Directory>. Ideally I
> would like to create wiki pages for every large chain of stores in the
> world that is similar to Map Features, with recommended ways of
> tagging chain stores. A lot of new OSM users get this wrong and create
> incorrect data, and there wasn't anything on the wiki telling users
> that "McDonalds" or "Tim Horton's" is incorrect. This is really
> preliminary and I'm sure that this can be improved a great deal. I
> would also like to keep track of chain stores that have closed stores
> or changed name. For example, Target closed all its stores in Canada
> recently and Wal-Mart changed the name of all its stores to Walmart a
> few years ago.
> Do people mind if I start fixing these errors myself, finding POIs
> with overpass turbo and editing individual POIs one at a time? I
> understand that large scale mechanical edits over a large area are a
> bad idea and the admins hate people doing that (it is too easy to make
> mistakes, and there is bound to be something called "McDonalds" that
> is not actually a McDonald's fast food restaurant, and I don't really
> want to get into wars over how to tag things, but amenity=fast_food
> and name=McDonalds is just wrong). I think that applying the
> "mechanical edit policy" to semi-automated edits that are done one at
> a time is overkill though. However, there are a lot of these errors in
> OSM, so I really need help from other people to fix these errors.
> Also, it would be appreciated if validation rules for chain stores
> could be added to automated bug fixers such as maproulette, keepright,
> osmose, etc.
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