[OSM-talk] stop deleting abandoned railroads

Andy Townsend ajt1047 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 09:47:49 UTC 2015

On 11/08/2015 06:09, Russ Nelson wrote:
> Okay, this has to stop. ...

Here's what seems to have happened.  Via P1 undelete you can see:


Someone's spotted that the TIGER way is iffy (via P1 it's possible to 
see that it clearly was), and they're starting to draw it in more 
accurately (in their next changeset, in fact).  Unfortunately that then 
got deleted here by someone (who's now the subject of a long-term block):


It got re-added a year ago:


and deleted 4 months ago:


by someone who's made exactly 2 edits to OSM, so I suspect this example 
is a cockup rather than a conspiracy.  As everyone else has already 
said, a changeset discussion comment saying "something appears to have 
gone wrong; can I help" would surely be the way forward here?



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