[OSM-talk] The Proposed Great Colour Shift

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Thu Aug 20 22:09:17 UTC 2015

On 20/08/15 22:46, Minh Nguyen wrote:
>  - Shields are either reproduced in colors that match the signage, or
> they're colored to match the road. So a map might end up with white-on-blue
> Interstate shields, red-on-white U.S. route shields, and black-on-white
> state route shields.
> I would consider the proposed style to be closer to what a U.S. visitor
> would expect than the current UK-influenced style.

Actually I'm just looking to ditch the bloody rounded ends on the UK
maps ... It's not something I recognise as 'UK style' ... someone
invented it ... On OSMAND it makes the road and motorway numbers
difficult to read ( and OSMAND has lost the green roads which is
something I'm trying to get back there as well! :) )

One thing which I still find a problem is that 'B' roads in the UK are
'yellow', not the unclassified ones so I'd like to loose the orange back
to yellow and then correct the problem that having half of the local
short cuts difficult to see and other less useful ones highlighted. This
is probably simply that the wrong tagging is being used, but some of
these smaller roads are essentially main routes so tagging as a 'service
road' is correct for the local usage, but not for main stream routing
and where the likes of OSMAND simply gets the routing wrong ... as do
other routers :(

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