[OSM-talk] Abandoned Rails

moltonel 3x Combo moltonel at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 14:51:10 UTC 2015

On 25/08/2015, Blake Girardot <bgirardot at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am not a railway enthusiast, but I do recognize the important role
> they play in the development and landscape of the US and probably other
> countries.
> I really appreciate those who map in-use, disused and abandoned
> railways, thank you for adding important, rich and useful data to the map.
> I think part of this conversation should be reprized: Abandoned railways
> are recognizable by people who know what they are looking at, they are
> in essence "there on the ground currently", just because I don't have
> the knowledge to recognize and map them, does not mean they do not exist.

For the record again, lest people think that my views are more extreme
than they are, I agree with the above.

Where I draw the line is against railway=dismantled, which by
definition don't exist anymore. Typical examples are going thru a
housing estate, a demolished (and rubble cleared) bridge, or a field
where the former railway isn't even visible in crop groth differences.
When the state goes from "not obviously there" to "obviously not

> All I understood Russ to be asking was to stop deleting and suggesting
> deletion of abandoned railways without checking with the person or
> people who know what they are doing in regards to mapping them and I
> agree that should stop.

Heavy changes to someone else's work should come with a message to
that someone else, but I'd argue that whoever deleted a railway=*
going thru a housing estate knew what they were doing.

> As mentioned above, I see no harm to mapping an abandoned railway, even
> if it is based on two end points and knowledge of the railway system.

One can often assert that something was here even when nothing is left
of that thing. And is nothing is left of that thing, it shouldn't be

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