[OSM-talk] stop deleting abandoned railroads

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sat Aug 29 03:18:17 UTC 2015

Pieren writes:
 > There is a large consensus on that in the community. Why are you
 > insisting ? If you like, check the OHM project which is dedicated
 > for historical maps.

We've been through this before. You're just insisting on your view and
claiming that everyone agrees with you. There is no consensus; rather
a number of people want to map disued / abandoned / dismantled
railways. Some people don't! Good for them! I'm happy for them that
they don't.

But what gives them the right to delete things that other people CAN
see and DO want to have in OSM?

The problem is that this disagreement is not symmetric. It's not like
the power=sub_station or power=substation disagreement. You don't have
one side saying "we don't map power lines" and the other saying "but
we do." No, instead, we have one side saying "YOU CANNOT MAP THIS."
That is not how we do things here -- and THAT is the true consensus.

I'm fine with you mapping the things you want. Why aren't you fine
with me mapping the things I want? Why the urge to delete? Why
encourage other people to delete things that are not accidents, not
TIGER mistakes, but things that people WANT in OSM and have PUT in

I simply cannot comprehend the desire to delete.

You want to improve OSM? Fine. Add things that aren't
there. Contribute to Richard Welty's collection of fire hydrants. He's
got a useful project going on there. The Bing aerials are good enough
now that you can see traffic lights. There are a TON of missing ones.

You improve OSM by adding things. You make OSM worse by deleting

Don't make OSM worse. Don't be that guy everyone hates.

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