[OSM-talk] Innovative uses of OSM data in cities?

Jóhannes Birgir Jensson joi at betra.is
Sat Aug 29 18:19:11 UTC 2015

OpenFireMap and Sochi for example, Sochi Fire Department has used 
OpenFireMap as their reference for a number of years, even before Sochi.

Þann 29.8.2015 15:39, skrifaði Jo Walsh:
> dear all,
> Next week I'm giving a talk about OSM and the work of the DWG to a group
> of mostly academics who are interested in Smart Cities and being fairly
> critical about Urban Big Data.
> I wanted to show a few examples of innovative uses of the data, or
> things that can only have come about because so much of the base map is
> there.
> OSMBuildings.org and the related 3D work would be one example. Another
> is some of Alasdair Rae's work visualising urban footprints:
> http://www.undertheraedar.com/2015/07/urban-footprints-some-building-outline.html
> And for something different, the OSM based clothing from
> http://monochome.com/
> But I am interested in other examples of novel uses of OSM data, any
> suggestions from the list would be welcome.
> Jo

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