[OSM-talk] this has to stop: iD user mistakes all over the place

colliar colliar4ever at aol.com
Tue Feb 10 23:38:43 UTC 2015


Maybe, it is me only to slow in reverting and solving these mistakes or
even the bugs I incounter in JOSM while working but I am definitely feed
up with talking about the same things over and over again and I am
probably not even polite enough to do the job of communicating.

So what to do ? Silently reverting is not an option. Always getting DWG
involved neither.

I am fed up with:
* iD making it way to easy to delete objects but not offering an option
to undelete them (is there any history information at all ?)
* simply combining ways and merge nodes without any validation or
warning about conflicts in tags or problems with relations
* not telling the user about the importance of all tags, even unknown to
the software and allowing user to communicate with user of the last
change of the object

Any plans of supporting lanes-tagging-system ? Otherwise there will be
even more complains in the future.

Is there anyone taking care of mistake made by iD users and documenting
the most common ones to either better explain how to avoid them and/or
fix the software ?

As iD is supposed to be the newbie editor all mistakes will rather turn
them down than encourage them.

So far, I try to keep calm and rather save my changes and upload them
later after solving conflicts instead of starting an edit war by
reverting or uploading older versions but I spend more time with
communication and investigating problems than actually mapping and
resolving notes and I still have quite some gpx tracks and photos from
over a year ago to map.

How about simply denying some changes with iD like combining ways ?

Cheers colliar
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