[OSM-talk] MEP - pipelines

Rainer F├╝genstein rfu at oudeis.org
Sat Jan 3 16:50:00 UTC 2015

in accordance to the mechanical edit policy, I'd like to open the
discussion on this list:

a recently approved proposal introduced new tags for pipelines and
marker [1] and changed an established tag:

type=* was changed to substance=*

the main reason for this change was a (possible) conflict with type=*
as used in relations. also, type=* was considered to be too generic to
describe the medium flowing within pipelines.

this requires a mechanical update of existing data:

nodes: containing pipeline=marker
nodes: containing pipeline=substation
  type=* --> substance=*

ways: for man_made=pipeline
ways: containing pipeline=substation
  type=* --> substance=*

As of now, I'm only aware of the ITO pipeline map (rendering), that is
affected by this change.

this affects data worldwide. I assume that this update will have to be
executed several times in the near future, as mappers may continue to
use type=* until they are aware of the new pipeline tagging scheme.


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